Four cats have broken out of prison on a distant alien planet. They must steal a ship and escape before their suits run out of power. If only they could decide who should be captain. Work with and against your cohorts to become the captain, commandeer a new ship, and escape.


  • Make temporary allies, break promises, and watch out for backstabbers.
  • 2-4 player local multiplayer
  • Procedurally generated maps
  • Cats! (in both corporeal and spectral forms)


Developer: Symptomatic Productions
Location: Illinois, United States
Release Date: May 17, 2018
Platforms: PC (Steam)
Website: Starcats
Regular Price: $4.99


A bunch of Game Design students at Bradley University in Peoria Illinois started working on Starcats as their senior Capstone project, and ended up as a Top 5 Finalist of the 2017 E3 College Game Competition. After the feedback received there, Symptomatic Productions was founded by Starcats Producer Quentin Young so that the team could finish development on the game. Along the way, the game landed an Official Selection at IndieCade 2017 which further cemented the drive to get the game out in the world.




Awards & Recognition

  • E3 2017 College Game Competition | Top 5 Finalist
  • IndieCade Independent Games Festival 2017 | Official Selection


Quentin Young, Producer
Rhianna Guptill, Concept / Character Artist
Ryan Hughes, Lead Artist
Gage Melton, Lead Designer
Joe Sorgea, Lead Programmer
Tanner Akers, 3D Artist
Sam Concklin, Composer
Hannah Evers, 2D Artist
Luke Grebe, Programmer
Jake Gruener, Gameplay Programmer
Matt Heerdegen, Sound Design
Aidan Kennell, Gameplay / User Interface Programmer
Matt Kolakowski, 2D Artist
Brien Jackson, UI Design
Brie Rodgers, Gameplay / Procedural Generation Programmer
Caleb Sams, Programmer
Trevor Stephansen-Fitzgerald, Programmer
Ryan Vance, Programmer